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Minify CSS style code

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Minify Js code

HTML Beautifier

A tool to beautify HTML code.

CSS Beautifier

A tool to beautify CSS code.

Javascript Beautifier

A tool to beautify javascript code.

Json Parser

Beautiful tool to validate, minify and beautify JSON.

PHP Packages

Find most popular PHP packages with number of downloads.


A Puppeteer bridge for PHP – Puphpeteer

PuPHPeteer is a PHP bridge for Google Chrome’s Puppeteer headless chrome Node.js API created by Johann Pardanaud. PuPHPeteer is based on Rialto, which is a package to manage Node resources from PHP. Examples PuPHPeteer examples are similar to Puppeteer examples and adapted to PHP’s syntax. Here’s an example of navigating to a page and taking […]

Quickly review changed methods and functions in a PHP pull requests

Github introduced an easy way to review pull requests and understand how changes impact your code. Now PHP developers can navigate to changed methods and functions right in their pull requests. Searching in a PHP file for the term function or the name of a changed function using the file finder will provide you with […]

Codeitnow Barcode & QR Code Generator

Barcode & QR code feature needed in many of web applications. It’s very time taken to write whole code for implementing these features inside their web application. Therefore we have written a PHP package for generating Barcode & QrCode. This package is easy to use in any PHP Framework or CMS. You can generate different […]

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