A Puppeteer bridge for PHP – Puphpeteer

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PuPHPeteer is a PHP bridge for Google Chrome’s Puppeteer headless chrome Node.js API created by Johann Pardanaud. PuPHPeteer is based on Rialto, which is a package to manage Node resources from PHP. Examples PuPHPeteer examples are similar to Puppeteer examples and adapted to PHP’s syntax. Here’s an example of navigating to a page and taking […]

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Codeitnow Barcode & QR Code Generator

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Barcode & QR code feature needed in many of web applications. It’s very time taken to write whole code for implementing these features inside their web application. Therefore we have written a PHP package for generating Barcode & QrCode. This package is easy to use in any PHP Framework or CMS. You can generate different […]